Friday, 5 May 2017

The world is still a good place

I would like to tell you about one of my business students: city banker Bethany Fortune who is currently doing the Higher National Diploma with ECBM. Bethany ran the London Marathon for Cancer Research and did it in 5hrs 23 mins, an admirable performance!

I was thinking about the time leading up to the race. There is the training, the arrangement of sponsorship, and the knowledge that you are there in the spotlight and so cannot afford to fail. I can only imagine what it all feels like, and then there is the matter of the gruelling race itself!

You have to respect those who enter, and Bethany did it, raising valuable funds for her charity. When you witness such selfless behaviour you realise the world is still a good place. Well done Beth!

People leave us, others remain needing us to care for them, and others give their time and effort to raise money to pay for that care.

When you care you share, and change lives beyond compare. I wonder how many people reading this have their own heart-warming story to tell?

Graham Harman-Baker

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