Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Our MBA students have been studying in London over the weekend. One of the highlights was the participation of guest speakers, themselves busy professionals highly proficient in masterly ability. They know the value of masterliness, and their highly informative contribution was very much valued and appreciated by our students and by ECBM.

These students are already making their way in the world, but they realise that a master’s degree develops the mind in such a way that they will become far more creative and original in their thinking, and subsequently more effective and productive in life through synergistic thinking and strategy. They develop masterliness, that intellectual ability to face any fresh challenge, familiar or unfamiliar, and manage it successfully.

In gaining a master’s you are not looking for comparison to others – in fact that is only a small factor – what you are gaining is an intellectual instrument which improves your own personal performance, which is arguably the most important factor of them all. Practical and intellectual synergistic ability are the building blocks of executive management, and it is not uncommon for our students to tell us how studying for their MBA has changed their lives.

I think our government, and especially Prime Minister Theresa May, could do with some of this practical and intellectual synergy just now, as it finds itself in what is being reported as a farce, just when it should be preparing for Brexit negotiations. What a position for a Prime Minister to find herself in. So I guess you want to know what this ‘farce’ is all about? It’s this: Leather trousers!

Yes leather trousers. Evidently the prime minister allegedly paid nearly £1,000 for a pair of leather trousers and was pictured in them when she gave a recent interview. This has launched a range of comments, principally whether it is right or wrong for Mrs May to spend so much on clothing when so many people are struggling in the UK just to get through the month.

“Theresa May's leather trousers prompt political row” trumpeted the BBC News headline. Comments from other MPs criticising her expensive clothes have started to be reported in what is being dubbed ‘Trousergate’, though what connection this has to the late US president Nixon’s Watergate scandal I do not know. Mrs May clearly needs someone to save the day. Someone to get the government back on track, focussing on the really important problems of the day and sorting them out. Yes… “This is a job for Superman!”

What a shame there are no such people as superheroes. Yet wait a moment, there may not be a Superman or Wonder Woman, but there are mortal versions of these people in the business world and they share that one special ability – masterliness – and it is that kind of person, that calibre of person, who will strategise a way out of the government’s present difficulties.

May I suggest Prime Minister that in future you should shop at Primark.

Graham Harman-Baker

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